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Clarence McDonald - Co-Producer, Keyboardist, Writer ("How'd I Know...")

REJOICE! We put this in our top 10 albums of all times! The title track, “Best Of My Love” is a favorite.
The Emotions followed up their album, FLOWERS with this uplifting project. In addition to the great vocal harmonies, there were several additional factors that accounted for this project’s unique sound and ongoing success:
1.) This LP was co-produced by Clarence McDonald. Clarence brilliantly stepped into the role and managed the personalities and production. These days, the world of music has diminished the role of a Record Producer. The lines have become blurred and the unqualified think they can “put stuff together” without knowing how to read, play or fully understand everything that is involved in making an album.
The way the album credits read, Maurice White is listed on one line and Clarence McDonald is noted below:
Produced by Maurice White for Kalimba Productions
Co-Produced by Clarence McDonald

2.) Rejoice featured two singles that both made their way to the Billboard Top 10. The first song on Side 1 was number one for five weeks — “Best of My Love” (Written by Al McKay & Maurice White). This happy, high energy cut is complete with a fierce arrangement by the great Tom Tom 84. Clarence and Tom Tom ended up working on many successful projects together and had a mutual respect for one another. Additionally, Clarence had already written unforgettable arrangements for hit songs like “Will It Go Round In Circles” (Billy Preston/1972). Clarence’s first two instruments were the saxophone followed by the trombone.

3.) The dynamic Hutchinson sisters impart heartwarming and beautiful harmonies. Their family bond and Midwest roots brought a special sound that is soulful and powerful. In this day of “singing stars” one only needs to listen to a few minutes of REJOICE to be reminded of what true singers sound like.
Sheila, Wanda, Janette recorded REJOICE
Pamela (filled in for Janette at a later date)

The Emotions / Hutchinson Sisters

4.) The album was recorded in Los Angeles in 1977. This was a very special time and place in music history. Clarence had originally flown to Chicago to begin recording the project but the native Angelino quickly realized that The Windy City was no place for him to stay. Before boarding a plane back home, he told Maurice and The Emotions he would love to work on the project in Southern California! As they say, the rest is history…..

"Best Of My Love"

There is so much more to discuss about this musical masterpiece. We will do our best to provide additional credits and information in an upcoming blog post.

Until then, keep this record spinning and be sure to pass on the Itunes link so others can enjoy this classic.

The best of our love to all of you,
The Clarence McDonald Team


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