Music On My Mind / Nancy Wilson


Nancy Wilson’s 25th Anniversary album MUSIC ON MY MIND – Clarence McDonald Produced, Conducted and Co-wrote the project. Some of the classics on the album are “I’m A Balloon,” “He Makes Me Feel Good’Bout Myself” and “I’m In Love” (this tune – the original master was used by E. Badu / 9th Wonder for her hit “Honey”). Capitol Records never digitized the LP-in total regardless of fan requests. The album is praised and placed at #18 out of 80+ Nancy Wilson albums. A few of the songs including “I’m In Love” and “He Makes Me Feel Good “Bout Myself” are available on iTunes.

The MUSIC ON MY MIND promo was part of a music video that was considered the first of its kind. Stu Levin, Paul Miller, Daniel Flannery and Clarence McDonald were visionaries. In 1978 this type of “music video” was not common place as it is today.

– The Clarence McDonald Team


1. 1-06 He Makes Me Feel good 'Bout Myself
Nancy Wilson  


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