Just Feels Right / Euge Groove


Euge Groove is a very talented musician and a cool guy. He wrote all of the material for JUST FEELS RIGHT. This project is one of his best CDs to-date. There are several familiar guests on this CD including Clarence McDonald, Ray Parker Jr., David T. Walker, Lenny Castro and Freddy Washington. Euge brought in a Hammond B3 Organ, Fender Rhodes and Piano for Clarence to play. Euge liked the arrangements on many of the 70’s songs including…the Bill Wither’s Menagerie album. Clarence arranged several songs on that LP and understood the early 70’s mind-set. They incorporated a real string section for a few of the tunes staying true to his 70’s theme. Euge takes it down a few notches for the last song on the disc,”Ballerina Girl.” It is an absolutely beautiful song with Euge on soprano sax complimented by Clarence’s string arrangements.
This album is timeless. There is not a bad song on the disc! The groove endures throughout.

-the clarencemcdonald.com team

From the iTUnes site…
“The sophomore release on Narada’s jazz imprint for Tower of Power’s former saxman Euge Groove, Just Feels Right is an attempt to return to the music of 1976. The groove is the key to the whole, with a mix of funk, smooth jazz, and what almost sounds like quiet storm popping in from time to time. The album was made with a vintage ethic, using almost no gear made after 1976. The session musicians, as well, are from a different age, taking time to perfect the groove and lay out a nice backing rhythm…..”


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